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Monday, July 9, 2012


I really struggle even writing this.

Andrew and I got some bad (for us) news tonight.

I checked my email and saw I had a new message from our facilitator with the subject line "Elizabeth", immediately my heart dropped. It was late in the day to be getting a message from Congo. They're 5 hours ahead of us, so to be getting an email late in the day when I wasn't expecting anything, I feared the worse. It is not uncommon for children to pass away while waiting in an orphanage.
Thankfully, that wasn't what the email said.

Instead, it said "Elizabeth's case is not going to be able to be processed." and went on to explain that a biological relative of Elizabeth has claimed her. What this means for us is we will not be adopting her and she will be going to live with them. 
While this is great news for her- she has a family! It is (selfishly) terrible news for us. We love her, we were getting her room ready, I have a photobook ready to send to her with her picture in it, I have been calling her my daughter for a month. Heartbroken.

International adoption (or really adoption in general) is full of uncertainties. We are thankful that Elizabeth has a family, even though we are sad to lose her.

We are certain that God has a plan, and even though we don't know what it is right now (and we hate that), His will and timing is what is best for us, for our family and for our little girl (whoever she turns out to be). 

Thank you for your continued prayers.


  1. Praying, praying, praying for you Sara. I'm so sorry. I know that you love Elizabeth and even though she is going to be with family it is bittersweet. I pray that God will wrap his arms around you and give you comfort.

  2. Oh Sara! I am so sad to hear of this heartbreaking news for your sweet family. I know it is great Elizabeth is going to relatives, but I also know that this is such a huge disappointment for you, Andrew and your girls. I will be praying for the perfect match as you begin the wait again for a child to join your family from the Congo.

  3. Sara, I am so sorry. That little girl was yours and losing her feels very real. We lost 3 referrals over the course of our last adoption. One was a situation very similar where a relative changed their mind and came to claim her. One was a set of twins that literally were taken back by the orphanage one night from the foster family with no explanation. And one passed away from malaria. But God is good and your child is just waiting for the right time to join your family. We came home with two girls that couldn't be a better fit for our family if we had hand picked them. I'll be praying your sweet baby comes home soon!

  4. I am so sorry Sara. My soul weeps for you. No adoptive family ever wants to get that e-mail, and I am so sorry you had to. I will be praying for you heart and for Elizabeth as she grows!