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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another update

It's been a little while since I've updated, so I thought I'd let everyone know what's going on. Right no we've submitted our application and have been approved. And we're waiting on a couple things now- mainly money.

Our first fundraiser went really well! We raised a total of $970. I'm still waiting on about $100 of that, but I'm really happy with that number. We will be starting our home study soon. The money we raised will pay for a little over 1/2 of that. As far as the rest of the adoption process goes, to move forward after the home study, we're waiting on $3,400. That is the adoption agency registration fee and agency fee. And to finish the home study we'll need about $500 more than what we've got left in our adoption bank account.

So right now the waiting starts. We're working on some tshirts, but we want to pass the home study first before we start selling those. The yard sale will probably be in the beginning on November, so if you have anything to donate to that, please let me know! Thanks!

Please continue to keep us and our future child in your prayers. Thank you!!

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