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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Update and FAQ #2

Quick update on our fundraising kickoff- it's going great! I've received over 30 donations from 30 different people. It's really been overwhelming to see God move to provide donations. A couple people that I don't personally know have even contacted me to donate items. The auction begins tomorrow morning at 10am. To participate in the auction, follow this link- http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.578658816508.2069988.57700497&l=60be722a86&type=1
To place a bid on an item, comment on that item with your bid and your email address. After 2 weeks the auction will close (with the exception of the 2 William Sonoma gift "baskets") and whoever has the highest bid wins! You'll be notified via email and will pay through paypal for your item. Please share that link with everyone you know! The more people we can get to participate, the better!

On to our 2nd edition of FAQ-

Q- Boy or Girl?
A- We don't know yet. Originally we thought we'd just go "team green" and say we didn't have a preference. But as I've been reading, it seems like it takes a little longer to get a girl, so if we say "no preference", that's pretty much the same as saying "male". We've thought and discussed it, there are pros and cons to both genders, so for now we're just leaving it in God's hands.

Q- Are you worried about raising a black child in a white home... in Rome?
A- Are we worried about it? Not really. Are we prepared for it? Also not really. We know there are probably more diverse cities to live in to be a biracial family, but when God called us to adopt, He didn't say it would be easy. I figure there are things we'll have to deal with all of our children. Other things might not be a subject as touchy as race, but we'll cross that path when we get there. I'm sure there will be some tough questions to answer. I'm working on getting to know some other moms who have adopted from the DR Congo, so maybe they'll have some advice as they go through some of these things themselves.

Q- What do Alexis and Kaitlyn think about all this?
A- Kaitlyn has no idea because she's only 2. We've asked Alexis if she wants a little brother or sister. She usually says "sister", but I think that's because she already has a little sister. We've also asked her what she thinks about sharing a room with Kaitlyn. Her 1st response was "I snuggle with her, she's my sweetheart". Each time we ask her she's excited about it. No clue if that enthusiasm will hold after the move is complete ;)

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